Retail Trends to Promote Your Business

February 18, 2020
Retail Trends to Promote Your Business

Trends, they come and go but if you are looking for ones that stick around and elevate your business, here are some great ideas:

When you want to stay current in today’s ever-changing business environment you need to look to the recent retail trends to keep your company at the forefront of your customers’ minds. The use of promotional products helps build awareness of your brand and keeps the focus on you and your brand. With a substantial number of items available to brand with your logo, it can be a challenge to know which ones to choose. What type of promotional items is currently trending for the year 2020?

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Workout Gear

It’s a new year and with this comes the desire for people to be healthy and get fit. Connect your brand to this health trend by promoting your name on workout clothes and water bottles. How does this help your business? Not only do others see your company name and logo on clothing items around town and at the gym/studios, but they make the connection that your business is strong and healthy. Choose from a variety of products including lightweight jackets or breathable quarter-zip pullovers that can be worn at the office or out for a lunchtime jog. Motivate your office team to stay healthy and promote health and wellness amongst your customers. Workout gear is worn all over the city and with your company logo attached to it, your brand gets exposure. Get a head start over your competitors by showing your business gets results, starting with encouraging healthy activities and lifestyle.

Notebooks, Pens, and Tech Products

Promotional products are not only great for potential and current clients but also for your staff. You can support your staff members by offering them notebooks and pens with the company logo on them. What if they are out in the field working remotely from a variety of places? Show your team some love with branded auto-pairing earbuds for those long phone conversations or wireless charging backpacks and bags to keep the power on when they need it most. These items will keep them working hard and are little tokens to let them know they are appreciated. When you treat your staff well they work harder, and their job is easier to do when they have the products they need. Everyone can use an extra notebook or pen. A little thought leads to a lot of productivity.

Eco-Friendly Bags and Drink Containers

With the banishing of plastic straws for environmental purposes comes the continuing trend to be living an eco-friendly life. Helping the environment can also help you promote your brand. How can your business take part in this positive change? You can replace your existing logo plastic bags for natural reusable cotton ones. This material is biodegradable thereby reducing the carbon footprint because they decompose easily when no longer used. How can you help eliminate plastic water bottles from ending up in the ocean? Start offering reusable multi-purpose beverage containers complete with your company logo on the exterior. Show that your company supports the environment and show that your business is doing its part to make a positive impact. As a bonus, your brand gets exposed to multiple opportunities every time someone takes a sip!

Take charge of making your business known for all the right reasons by investing in promotional products that will support your company motto and be in line with retail trends.

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