When is a Good Time for Promotional Products?

December 18, 2019
When is a Good Time for Promotional Products?

Making your business known and standing out from your competitors can be hard but one way to do both is by setting yourself up with a proactive promotional product supplier. Giving custom branded gifts can help grow your business by letting your staff and clients know you appreciate their hard work and business.

When is an ideal time for promotional products?


The snow is falling and the Christmas lights are up; it’s time to show your staff and clients you appreciate them. Reach out to your promotional products supplier early to let them know the date you need your items so they will be ready to give to your clients and staff in advance. A well thought out gift, small or large, will be appreciated and keep everyone thinking of you and your company throughout the year. Make your business stand out and go the extra mile to show your sincere gratitude; as a bonus, you’ll be putting a smile on their face.

What kind of gifts do you want to give your customers or clients?

This is entirely up to you however some great ideas might be a box of chocolates with your company logo embossed on it. You might even want to get a mug adorned with your trademark and slogan, reminding everyone of your business when sipping their morning coffee, tea or hot cocoa. Maybe you want to give a blanket embroidered with your logo to keep them warm during our long, cold winters.

Hard Work

Has your staff worked super hard to get everything marked off their task list? You might want to reward them by showing your appreciation for their efforts. Happy employees typically work much harder for you because they feel their time is being appreciated. You might even be able to retain your employees longer simply because they enjoy working for you in a positive environment.

What kind of gift shows that you appreciate your staff’s hard work?

You can have your promotional solutions provider engrave an award stating anything you desire. Receiving a “Great Leader” award or an “Excellent Writer” award will make your employees proud. Your staff members can show off their symbol of accomplishment in their office or home.

Long-Term Clients

Do you have a client that has stuck with you throughout the years? Show them that they have helped your business succeed by giving them a gift that says thanks. A gift personalized with their name shows you have put some thought into the gift and the extra step will be greatly appreciated.

What are the benefits that can come with gifting your long-term clients?

Your clients recognize that they have a choice of where to send their business and when they are shown some appreciation it means you care about them. They will likely reward you with their continued business as well as perhaps offer a great referral because you treat them with thoughtfulness and generosity.


Make your company stand out without the typical ads in the newspaper or tv commercials. Find a way to show off who you are, uniquely. One way to do this is to use promotional products with your company logo on them. Give some thought to items people use on a daily basis. Pens, notebooks, and power banks are three great promotional products as people often carry these around with them throughout the day. When your name is seen by someone else, they may look for your business and you will gain a new client.

What are some tips for promotional items as a source of advertising?

Align the promotional gift to your company or target market in some way while being unique and creative. Work with a professional promotional products specialist, someone that will work on your behalf to come up with ideas tailored just for you!


Do you have a tradeshow coming up? Forget about a boring plastic table with a paper table cloth, show off your company with a table cover emblazoned with your corporate logo and colours. What about signage? Bold signs and charging stations with your company’s brand allow others to see you, even if you are way down the aisle. Compliment your display with your staff decked out in matching branded apparel so people know who to talk to, to learn more about your business and products. There are plenty of other businesses trying to compete with you so make your name stand out in the crowd of monotonous booths.

What happens when people come to your booth?

When you have caught the attention of a potential client, talk to them, make them feel welcome and incorporate a contest where they can win a gift. The gift can be a new set of headphones or maybe a cooler; either can be customized with your logo on it. The powerful impression of generosity your business provides with a quality prize product will keep your company name on everyone’s mind. When others see the item that the winner is ecstatically displaying, it helps pull in new clients.

Promotional products can help make and keep your business successful. A little thought goes a long way.

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