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Your Employees Matter... So Show Them!

A company’s most valuable asset is its employees.

Whether it's a landmark of their career, a milestone of a project or a simple act of going beyond, these all contribute to the success of your business, so recognize them!

A company’s most valuable asset is its employees. Your employees are the face of your brand/product and without them pursuing excellence on a daily basis your company will not attain its share of the market.

Because of the effect your employees can have on your bottom line, it is important to implement an awards and/or incentive program!
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To feel appreciated is an important desire for all people.

Recognizing employees good work confirms for the employee that their work is valued. When employees feel valued, statistics show that their satisfaction and productivity rise, and they’re motivated to improve their quality of work.

Research findings show that formal, informal and day-to-day recognition programs, when linked to the organizations values and goals, can create a culture of recognition that enhances employee engagement, performance and retention. (

Types of Incentive Programs We Offer

You choose the budget and milestones and Creo will compile a selection of possible awards for your management team to choose from. We will work with you to ensure the program is set up based on your timelines, budget, and culture so that we can help ensure the program is a success with your employees and management team!
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Long Term Service Awards

Long term dedicated employees are the backbone of any organization!

Recognize and reward your dedicated employees with years of service awards. Recognizing your employees commitment to your company is important as it shows that you value their contributions to your organization.

We will work with your team to learn about your corporate culture so that everyone within the organization feels that their lifestyle and interests are represented within the award selection!

Safety Awards / Best Practices Programs

THINK SAFE. Motivate & Reward.

Successful employers recognize that promoting a safe working environment results in behaviours and actions that have financial benefits for the company long term. Not only are there financial benefits for reducing recordable injuries and time lost incidents, but these program can increase employee morale & productivity!

Creo Safety Incentive programs are effective at promoting workplace health and safety and employee morale through positive reinforcement of corporate / job-site practices and protocols.  Employee morale, retention and productivity can all be increased through incentive programs while at the same time potentially qualifying your corporation for WCB premium refunds along with superior safety records that can be profiled within your next bid/presentation.
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Did you know?

Behaviour is the means to workplace safety.

Incentives coupled with Positive Reinforcement is a reliable means of improving behaviour.

Creo's Incentive programs utilize the fundamentals of behavior modification applied to incentive programs. Creo's programs employ a Positive Reinforcement theory that we call the R+ Ideology. Every Creo Safety Incentive Program is tailor-made to accommodate your company's specific requirements and budget. We can design a program built around just a few awards, or a program consisting of more than a hundred different awards!  Let's get started today!

Even More Incentive Programs!

Top Sales

Top sales is one of the most prevalent awards, as organizations value those that help drive revenue and growth. It’s every salesperson's desire to see their name on that plaque, as it shows their dedication to their company through hard work and perseverance and it’s on the wall, or on their desk, for everyone to see!

In addition to top sales, corporations can also reward growth over previous years, as growth, whether you are the top producer or not, means additional revenue for the company.
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Innovation Awards

Not all employees have the ability to have their efforts directly correlated into financial gain for the company. Many times these employees are also the heart and soul of the company so overlooking their contributions is a costly mistake.

This is a category where companies can create their own awards that are tailored to their company culture and ideologies. It can be an award around Best Practices... Example: Someone comes up with a way to cut costs by changing processes, or a superior best customer service experience which helps retain your biggest and best customers. 

We will work with you to help create something that your employees will cherish and appreciate!

Employee of the month

Employee of the month recognition awards can have a powerful impact on your team.

There are a few ways of going about the selection process for an employee of the month. It can be led by management or employee driven, or a combination of the two.

Once you have determined who will be selecting the winners each month, the next step is to set up a list of criteria and then clearly communicate these to all staff members. There needs to be clear expectations, so your employees know what they need to do, to be considered for this coveted acknowledgment.

Outside of their name going on the plaque for all to see, you can also implement other small gestures that show genuine appreciation. Whether it be a small corporately branded gift such as a water bottle or jacket, to a special parking spot for the month, a day off, or even lunch with their manager at the restaurant of their choice.
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Milestone accomplishments

Setting targets and having an award for reaching the targets creates a win-win environment!

Milestone objectives are put into place to reinforce a desired outcome and if the objectives are met, they are awarded with a perk for those that contributed to the success. Companies can set out mid and long term objectives on a project that push the company to aim for exceptional performance. When reached, the milestone is celebrated with the crew or group of the company that participated on the specific task or job.

An example of this within the Alberta Oil & Gas markets is when a project reaches a milestone without time loss/injury incidents, or on time completion... When large projects run smoothly complete on time and/or without time loss or injuries the company not only increased profit margins, but also have accolades to note on their next bid/presentation. No injuries translate to a more positive work environment and better insurance rates, which again affect the bottom line.

Employee Catalogue Programs

Many corporations offer their employees a catalogue of branded apparel for them to purchase personally at a discount...

The discount on corporately branded merchandise is offered to encourage employees to purchase product which in turn can lead to increased employee morale and a more positive corporate culture. When staff wear the merchandise outside of the workplace it creates exposure of their corporate branding outside of the workplace. It’s a win – win scenario.

Catalogue programs can be created to include just a few options or a vast selection, they are tailored to each companies needs and can be updated seasonally. The employee catalog can be created to be a full online store or simply as a flip catalogue.
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