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Create the "WOW" factor with custom trade show booths, swag and more!
Exhibiting at tradeshows and conventions are powerful and effective B2B marketing strategies as they offer the opportunity to reach new customers and build better brand awareness. A trade show offers your team a unique business opportunity to meet with your targeted market in a face to face environment, this experience can influence future interactions with potential new clients/customers and employees.
Tradeshows Services

An impactful presence at tradeshows can provide:

  • New Sales opportunities
  • New Distributors/Clients
  • New Recruits to your company
  • Reach into new markets
  • New medium to showcase new products/ technology

Tradeshow Services

Tailoring the brand you desire

Well-designed professional tradeshow booths are key to attracting the attention of attendees, and equally important is a professional, consistent uniform for your employees. 

Attendees will form an opinion of your company before they have a chance to talk with your staff, simply based off the first impressions of your booth and your staff’s appearance within the booth. 

A polished consistent look will help you stand out as an expert within your profession/field. Creo can help tailor a uniform for your employees manning your booth, or for your entire corporation. 
Tradeshow Booths
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Creating lasting impressions

Now that your booth and your staff are grabbing the attention of attendees, next you need to engage with them to get them to enter your booth. 

Branded handouts are an effective way to break the ice with attendees and provide your employees an opportunity to engage potential clients. Your branded handouts are an extension of your brand and can create a lasting impression in the minds of the attendees. 

Creo can assist your marketing team to help ensure that the impression you are making is a great one!

Key Factors of an Impactful Tradeshow Presence

Small details matter; add in small touches that reinforce brand colours and messaging through-out your booth and the convention if possible.
Purchase a well-designed booth, backdrop or event tent that show cases your brand.
Golf Booth
Event Tent
Branded Booth
Tradeshow Backdrop

Branded Accessories

In addition to having your logo as the backdrop within your booth, you should consider having your logo and brand colours throughout the booth. A branded table throw will be the focal point as people are standing in your booth. 

Other ideas you can consider are custom stools or chair, throw pillows, coasters, napkins, bottled water, pens and even flowers in your corporate colours would add a nice touch and drive home branding.
Branded Accessories
Custom Uniforms Tradeshow Events

Staff Uniforms

Your staff should be wearing complimenting shirts/uniforms that reinforce your brand standards. This not only reinforces your brand identity in one more facet, but it also makes it easy for attendees to identify who they can speak to if they’d like additional information about your company/product.

In addition to looking the part, it’s important to choose staff members that are qualified to best represent your brand and products. Your staff is an extension of your company/product so it’s important to make sure they want to be there and they are putting the best face of your company forward with existing and potential new customers.


This can be in the form of pamphlets or promotional gifts. The most widely used handout at a show, outside of a printed pamphlet, is a branded pen. Everyone will use a pen and no one will throw it out before it’s been run dry, that’s 100’s of impressions of your logo to each recipient over many months!

But beyond the basics, did you know there are promotional gifts that can replace the traditional pamphlet? There are amazing promotional gifts that allow you to incorporate logos, images and product details/facts on a functional item the recipient will use long after the show. While handouts are referred to short term, they often get discarded shortly after the show; a well thought out promotional gift will be kept and used long after the show keeping your business in front of potential future customers.
Tradeshows Hangouts
Tradeshows Prizes & Games

Draw Prizes & Games

An easy and effective method to draw people towards your booth is a game or draw. Getting the first person in will bring others, as people always attract more people! It can be a fun and unique promotional gift that everyone wants to get, or a great draw prize for an amazing gift you have on display. The attendees that come into your booth can be entered into the draw if they supply a business card or contact information and agree to be contacted after the show (with the recent CASL laws it’s very important that you convey that they are giving consent to be contacted after the show).

With regards to choosing the draw prize, Creo has a wide selection of gift ideas that you can imprint, subtly, with your logo to use as the draw prize. If you are selling a product you can incorporate that into the draw or even a game, whether it be a free product, installation, upgrade or discounts which would go to the lucky participants/winners.

Donation of Bags at the show

At most tradeshows, attendees are provided a tote bag as you enter, so you have a place to carry around everything that you gather. Be the bag sponsor and emblazon the bags with your logo, there is no better exposure than seeing your logo over the shoulder of every attendee that walks through the doors. 

If you make the bag a reusable grocery tote or shopping tote, it will go home with the participant and get used over and over long after the show. 

If the show is too big to afford all attendees, ask if it can be a gift for the first 250/500 per day, or simply hand out your custom bags to those that visit your booth.
Tradeshows Donation Bags

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