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Technology fascinates. Combining traditional gifts with high tech features creates a WOW Factor which is sure to make a positive and long lasting impact on the recipient!

Everyone loves to play with a new gadget or tool.

Technology is the fastest growing category within the corporate gifting market, and for good reason! Everyone loves to play with a new gadget or tool.

Within this exciting category, our suppliers embrace the challenge of keeping up with the exciting ever changing retail trends and are constantly bringing out new and engaging inventions. Because of this flood of products within the tech category there is a wide variety of products at all price point, from cost conscious charging cords and earbuds to high end luxury and audiophile products loaded with every feature imaginable!
Corporate Promotional Products - Charging Dock
Corporate Promotional Products - Wireless Charging Stations

Always on top of current trends...

We continually participate in product knowledge sessions with our vendors so we are always on top of current trends.

We take the time to learn about this fast paced category and bring in test samples so that we can offer relevant and accurate information to our clients. We are happy to discuss your needs and compile a list of ideas for what tech products might work best for your upcoming events or marketing initiatives.

As always, we're here to help with suggestions and answer any questions you may have!

Featured Products

Corporate Promotional Products - Power Bank

Power banks

In a world where the average person is on their mobile device 3 hours per day, branded mobile device accessories are a fantastic way to get your company into the palm of your customers hands.

A perfect idea is the power bank, which has become a staple in almost every office and household.

Do you charge on the go?
Power banks are available in a range of price points based on power storage and output, number of devices that can be charged at one time, Qi wireless charging technology, secondary features and certification/testing.

You might be surprised to know that you can get a power bank for as little as ~$7.00!   Click Here!

Tech Talk

What is mAh?

mAh is generally used to describe the capacity of a battery. More mAh means more power and more recharges for your devices before the powerbank needs to be recharged. Bigger devices like tablets draw more power when charging, therefore requires a power bank with more capacity and more wattage (A) to fully charge them.

We understand this may seem complicated, but our rep’s are more than happy to walk you through the highlights of various options within your budget or target market!

Aiming to impress?

Upgrade to more power!

Aiming to impress top clients or executives? There are high end power bank models with options such as massive 8,000+ mAh of capacity, 2.1A output, multi-outlets & Qi wireless charging that are designed to offer convenience for executives on the go.

Why is 8000+ mAh and 2.1A important? This combination gives you enough capacity and output to charge the most demanding tablets as well as phones!
Featured: Galileo 10,000 mAh Power Bank w/ iOS & Android charging ports
Creo Promotional Marketing Products
Corporate Promotional Products - Bluetooth Speaker

Music + Power

Listen and charge on-the-go!

Recently released, and one of our favourite new items is this powerbank & speaker combo that not only has a 9-watt Bluetooth speaker, but also a 4,400 mAh capacity powerbank as well!

Offering 55 hours of play time, and solar charging capabilities your clients will enjoy listening to their favourite artists while admiring your company’s logo imprinted with 4 colour process imprinting.

Technology Categories

Continuing the theme of multipurpose items, currently trending in industry are backpacks with built in power ports, coolers with built-in bluetooth speakers, water bottles with built-in wireless ear buds, and pens with TrackR technology; say good bye to losing your favorite pen ever again!

The categories above are just the tip of the iceberg!

We have an extensive selection of technology products in our full catalogue...

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