How Promotional Products Help Your Business on the Golf Course

March 25, 2020
How Promotional Products Help Your Business on the Golf Course

Are you going to play a round of golf with clients? Using this social event is a great way to connect with people you do business with. Sharing 4+ hours on a golf course gives you plenty of opportunities to solidify existing relationships and gain new clients. How can you take advantage of networking opportunities while engaging in a fun sporting event? Ask your current clients to bring along a friend or organize a tournament for business associates; you never know where a potential new client might be.

Keep the clients you currently have and intrigue prospects with the use of promotional products. What kind of items can benefit your business by building your brand to increase potential leads?

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Golf Apparel and Accessories

Business gets done on the golf course. Sure, there is a lot of small talks and friendly competition but think about everyone you are inviting and how to make the day memorable to each of them by adding a few promotional items into the mix. Calling your promotional products supplier will get you that hole in one you are looking for, even if your ball is buried in the bunker.

Tee off right with golf apparel and accessories for everyone starting at the first hole. At Creo Promotional Solutions, we supply you with name brand golf shirts for men and women as well as a host of accessories. You know everyone will need extra golf balls, and what better way to beat the heat than with some cooling towels or a golf cap. Why not choose from a selection of golf sets that include a few different items along with a cooler or koozie to keep that beer cold until the last put. Use the time on the golf course to promote your business by branding your logo on items that get seen.

Everyone can use new golf gear so before you hit the course be prepared with some awesome promotional items for your sales team and their guests. Make your clients and prospective clients remember more than just a day away from the office. A little gesture makes a big impact in showing that your business goes that extra distance to solidify a relationship. Your thoughtfulness will be received positively as will your company by using thought-driven promotional products.

Technological Trends

You use technology every day and would struggle without it. People spend more time on their smartphones and tablets than watching television. So, what happens when your battery conks out and you are left with no power? Even on the course, some of those business e-mails can’t be put on hold. You can relax and rely on Creo to give you and your clients a solution for your on-the-go device charging needs. There is a wide variety of power banks available that you can use to promote your business.

Have your business name and logo printed on a high capacity power source to give to your clients. This is sure to send out the message that your business is in charge! A dead battery results from streaming, using apps, and video messaging. Give your clients the ability to fully charge their devices a few times a day with a mobile charging device branded with your logo. This is truly the gift that never stops giving. It gives power and power gives you and your clients more time to use mobile devices while creating the opportunity for more brand exposure.

What is so great about a power bank?

• It provides the ability to charge on the go
• Some allow for wireless charging, minimizing the need for additional cables on the go
• Is compact and easy to carry around
• They can charge many different tablets, cameras, and speakers in addition to phones

Reach out to Creo for insight on what power banks might be the best choice for your clients and/or event-related needs.

Well, thought out promotional gifts can help your team win business, both on and off the course! Contact Creo today to discuss the world of promotional opportunities available for you to capitalize on this golf season and beyond.

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