Do promotional products still help your business in 2021?

Written by: Sheri Amos on: September 2, 2021
Do promotional products still help your business in 2021?

COVID-19 affected the financial situation of many companies. The economic strain placed on the economy has given rise to creative ways to promote your brand. Social media is buzzing with videos, radio advertisements are making a comeback, and Calgary promotional products are helping you get back to business. With 2022 fast approaching, there are some great ways for you to build brand awareness and spur a fresh rise in your sales.

Promotional products including corporate apparel in Calgary can help boost your business in the following ways:

  • Create awareness of your company name, brand, and logo
  • Solidify client relationships
  • Promote your specials
  • Help celebrate special corporate occasions
  • Fortify employee morale

Timeless promotion in a digital world

With the changes in work environments shifting away from the office setting to remote working, meetings are still a common occurrence. When you have a virtual meeting with your clients, wearing Calgary corporate apparel increases the brand awareness of your company. You may not always connect with your clients in person, but your company name and logo displayed across your shirt or jacket consistently reinforces your brand during your Zoom® call.

An opportunity to give back and lend a hand

Do you know a couple of businesses that have been hit harder than yours by the COVID-19 pandemic? Donate your Calgary promotional products to them. Your donation helps a business out, promotes your business, and shows others that you care. Building brand awareness is more than selling products, it is about showing who you are.

Create engagement with giveaways and contests

Even if you are not attending large public trade shows just yet, using Calgary promotional products can still work for you by providing these items remotely. There is always a way to promote your company; think of offering a customized corporate apparel item with your logo on it from a top brand like Under Armour® or Spyder® as a gift to the winner in a virtual contest or at a corporate golf tournament. Giveaways send your unique message to potential new clients and reinforce the relationships you have with current customers.

Wrapping up

Now is a great time to improve company morale. Branded corporate apparel for all your employees helps them feel part of a team. Not only does it promote your brand, but it creates a unified look among all your staff members. No matter how hard your business was hit during the pandemic, now is the time to use promotional products for advertising and making an impact to elevate your brand. Business promotion is more crucial in 2021 than ever before because it is time for you to rebuild what was lost.

There is always a reason to use promotional products. Check out the latest corporate apparel in Calgary to get a head start for 2022.

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