Blue Light Glasses - Do They Actually Work?

May 21, 2020
Blue Light Glasses - Do They Actually Work?

More than ever, we are constantly bathed in artificial light from our computer screens to our cellphones. In fact, an estimated 60% of adults in America spend 6 hours or more per day in front of a screen.

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While blue light itself isn’t a bad thing, constant exposure can decrease the secretion of melatonin, a hormone responsible for regulating our sleep cycle.

Fact: While UV light affects the front of your eye, blue light affects the back of your eye.

What are blue light glasses?

In short, blue light glasses limit the amount of blue light that filters through your eyes. Excess screen usage can lead to digital eye strain, headaches, blurry vision, and mental fatigue. Some experts recommend the use of blue light glasses to alleviate some of these symptoms.

Fact: Blue light travels further through your eye because the wavelengths have more energy than other forms of visible light.

What are the B?

Blue light glasses are gaining popularity as we learn more about the potential complications from too much exposure. But the question is, how do they help?

1. Alleviates eye discomfort

Blue light glasses reduce eye strain and ‘computer vision syndrome’. This in turn can boost productivity by making your eyes feel more awake and increase your focus.

Tip: Take regular breaks away from your computer screen to give your eyes a rest throughout the day.

2. Prevents impact on your retina

Blue light glasses help to reduce the impact that blue light can have on your retina and improve blurry vision caused by excessive screen exposure.

Tip: Keep a healthy distance from your screen to limit the effects of blue light.

3. Improves sleep

The high energy frequency from blue light can keep you up at night and make it harder for you to fall asleep. Because blue light glasses reduce your eyes’ exposure to blue light, they help to regulate your sleep cycle so that you can enjoy a restful night’s sleep.

Tip: Most cellphones and computers now have the option of ‘night-time mode’ that warms the light of your screen to reduce the strain on your eyes.

Key Takeaways

Along with taking the necessary steps to limit your exposure to blue light, wearing blue light glasses can also lead to better overall eye health.

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