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What is your staff wearing?
What does it say about your company and brand?

Find the perfect fit!

Creo Promotional Solutions has been serving Alberta companies since 2002 and we’d love to assist you in finding the perfect uniform for all your staffing needs!

Whether you need your customer service staff looking consistent and professional, installers to be easily identified upon entering customers’ homes, your sales team to look polished for presentations or tradeshows, or your field workers outfitted in industry approved CSA workwear, we can help!

Casual & Corporate Solutions...

For executives and sales staff we have high end suiting and dress shirt options including Cutter and Buck; Calvin Klein, Biz Corporate and Edwards Garments.

Need something more casual?
We have hundreds of golf polos and T-shirts to choose from in any budget. For outerwear we can pull from Helly Hansen, Stormtech, Roots, as well as many more!

Looking for something you can call your own?
We can help design and manufacture a custom uniform just for you!

Uniform Categories

Hotel & Lodging
Reception/Front desk, Management, Concierge, Housekeeping, Valet/Bell Desk and security.
Warehouse, Logistics & Delivery
Inside sales, outside sales, warehouse staff, drivers, Customer service, sales counter staff, management
Waitstaff, Hostess, bussing, banquet server, culinary staff, kitchen support staff, and Management team
Museums & Zoos
Customer service, Ticket sales, Tour Guides, retail stores, concession and restaurants, security, and maintenance.
Table and Slot Game Attendants, Bar and Cocktail Service, Restaurant serving and kitchen to valet, security and management
Healthcare & Spa
Reception, Patient Admitting, Administrators, Nurses, Nurses aid, Patient Care, Volunteer, Housekeeping, Maintenance, Management
Teams/Clubs, Sports teams, Administrators, Recruiters, Concessions, Dining, Educators, Tutors, Coaches

The Benefits of a Uniform Program

Here's just a few benefits to companies that choose to incorporate a uniform program in their business!
  • 1. Create an attractive and consistent business image.
    Employees wearing a uniform inspire confidence in the consumer by announcing that the individual is a professional with product knowledge and a willingness to help. A uniform puts the force of the corporate reputation behind the individual, making him/her look reliable and trustworthy as a company representative!
  • 2. Improve Customer Relationships
    When employees all wear a uniform it creates a unified image for the company. The staff is easily identifiable, a key factor for a retail situation where customers want to know who works there when they need assistance. Knowing who can be approached for purchasing information can improve overall customer service for your customers resulting in a more positive experience. This also applies to staff at a tradeshow.
  • 3. Foster team spirit and enhance employee behaviours
    Work uniforms promote a sense of unity or team spirit. A sense of belonging can improve worker productivity. Employees wearing uniforms are more conscious of their actions. When employees know they are easily identifiable via their uniforms, they are more aware of their actions.
  • 4. Uniforms promote your company and brand.
    When employees wear uniforms displaying corporate logos and colours, they help build your brand. Well-designed work uniforms worn in public become “walking billboards” promoting a company’s name, product and services for free!
  • 5. Protect Workers and improve security
    Uniforms can deliver functional benefits, like wearer safety.
    Ie. Flame Resistant (FR) workwear can help prevent injuries caused by accidental electrical arc flashes or flash fires and high visibility uniforms can help protect workers from being stuck by motorized vehicles.

Did you know?

Uniforms inspire confidence!

Research findings has identified that employees wearing a uniform inspire confidence in consumers. A uniform indicates that the individual is a professional with product knowledge and a willingness to help. A well designed uniform can put you ahead of your competition.

In addition to physical protection a company uniform quickly identify who does, or does not, belong in specific work areas or on job sites. A person who isn't wearing a uniform stands out as a potential intruder to the workplace. You are better able to identify these outsiders and ensure they are supposed to be there.

Our Workwear

  • Bib Overalls
  • Coveralls
  • Surveyor vests
  • Rainwear
  • Workwear outerwear (jackets, vest, pants, 3-in-1, 5-in-1)
  • Hi-Vis safety apparel
  • Women’s cut FR and Workwear
  • Flame Resistant (FR) apparel (Nomex, Indura, GlenGuard, Westex, Kermel)
  • Welder Specific apparel (with custom options)
  • Lab Coats
  • Work Gloves
  • Timberland Pro work boots
  • Hard Hats
  • Theral Layering
  • Headwear – Bump caps, Balaclava

The top workwear brands...

We carry name brand workwear lines such as Dickies; Carhartt, Red Kap, IFR, WorkBear, Pioneer, Viking, BigK, Winner Garments, as well as many other suppliers available through the promotional product industry. In addition to standard work wear, we have CSA approved
Hi-Vis and Fire Retardant options.

Outside of workwear we can also supply...

Safety eyewear, first aid kits, hard hats, work gloves, intrinsically safe flashlights, and more!

This is a category where your specific safety requirements need to be communicated before we can provide any product suggestions. Please contact us with your workwear needs and we’ll work with you to provide a quote for items that align with your industry standards!

Looking for more?

We have access to a wide variety of suppliers offering a vast selection of apparel which affords us the ability to tailor a uniform specific to all of your needs and requirements.

Give us a call to discuss your jobsite requirements... From there we'll reach out to our suppliers and find the best options for your consideration!

Ready to get started?

Give us a call!

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