Top 3 Tips for Business Success from a Tradeshow

January 23, 2020
Top 3 Tips for Business Success from a Tradeshow

Tradeshows, you either dread them or love them. Here are some ways you can guarantee to love them, all of which contribute to making your company’s booth a success.

1. Branded Apparel

First impressions are everything so make sure you present your business in a positive light that will get people wanting to approach your booth to speak to you. How?

Give your brand pop by having everyone working at your tradeshow booth wear an outfit with your company logo. When you are not standing behind your company booth, the logo on your clothing lets everyone connect you to your business. Keeping your name visually in the eyes of your business associates and clients helps them make a connection. Your company name will stand out more if someone reads the name off of your shirt over and over rather than just handing them a business card. You are imprinting your business in the potential client’s memory.

If you wander out into the crowd or go for lunch wearing your company apparel, you are giving others the opportunity to notice your business even if they didn’t get a chance to attend your booth yet. This will help your business networking.

Branded apparel also provides a unified look when everyone is wearing the same logo. Your branded clothing items send the message that you work as a team, helping support a unified front for your brand. Make sure your company clothing has a message that speaks to your business’ values and lets everyone at the tradeshow see it.

2. Handouts

You have spent thousands of dollars on rental costs, the tradeshow booth, staff for the event and even possible accommodation if the tradeshow is not in your city. Avoid letting this money go to waste and utilize every option for your day at the booth.

Do you want the people you spoke with to remember key points about your business at a glance? Provide them with handouts that outline who your business is and what it is all about. Make sure there are no typos on the sheets you are giving out like this, like a website with errors, which leads people to wonder about your focus. You want your information to be accurate and stand out to show your business cares about the little things. When you pay attention to your own promotional items, your client knows you will pay attention to their needs.

Stay away from boring sheets of paper and give a little oomph to your company messages. Print your information on an item that won’t be thrown out. Talk to your promotional products distributor for options available to you! Be creative but remember to use patterns and colours that match your company brand standards. A smart promotional handout gets saved which will keep your branding in front of new prospective clients.

3. Gifts and Budget

Gifts go a long way when trying to win over potential clients. They will remember that you are a business that goes above and beyond and is encouraged to work with you. You will stand out from the competition with a thoughtful promotional gift. Think about your budget, what your business stands for, and your target audience before you make the decision. Choose an item that matches your company’s brand and culture.

You don’t have to go over budget with a promotional gift. Let CREO Promotional Solutions find the ideal gift for your next tradeshow. There are a variety of great promotional products to choose from. Quality gifts reflect quality in your business. A gift is appreciated by your potential clients, no matter how big or small.

Remember to correlate your business ideals and what you want to say with the gift. Also, consider who your target audience is and think of what they would enjoy most. Remember, you want your gift to be good quality, useable, promote your company, and stand out. Give yourself time to choose the ultimate gift for your next tradeshow by starting the process now.

Find the clients you want and get the success you are craving with a little help of some promotional tradeshow gifts.

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