Top 3 ideas for employee recognition awards

April 30, 2021
Top 3 ideas for employee recognition awards

Your workplace runs smoothly, and you are happy with the results your employees produce but what if you could stand out as a company even further? Show your team members appreciation for everything they do. Take time to recognize those in your organization who go that extra mile. Boost your employees’ confidence by recognizing their hard work.

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How do you show appreciation?

Recognize the hard work of all your team members by putting in place an employee recognition awards system. You can give out trophies or plaques with the employees’ names inscribed on them. Clothing options like company jackets and sweaters also make great appreciation awards. Other great awards can come in the form of sports bags, gift sets or engraved vases. The choices are endless when it comes to rewarding your employees.

Below are some examples of employee recognition awards and the employee recognition award categories they fall under.

1. Peer awards

Involve your whole company in the awards program you have come up with by asking everyone to vote on the employee they think deserves recognition. Each team member will appreciate different people depending on who they work with. You might miss out on the hard work one of your employees does because you don’t often work together, but another person is sure to recognize them. There will likely be a few standouts in every team.

Putting a voting system into place is a great idea. One such way you can vote is to have everyone nominate an employee by placing an anonymous vote in a secret ballot box. The winner will be chosen based on the majority of votes.

Here are some ideas for the peer awards employee recognition award category.

  • Hardest Working New Associate
  • Goes the Extra Mile Associate
  • Puts in the Most Time Associate

By having a vote, you are encouraging team participation, allowing those that may otherwise be unknown to some employees to be recognized for outstanding work by the whole company.

2. Creativity awards

Creativity is the key to a successful business. It encourages unique thought and opens your business to grow. You may be stuck for an idea on how to solve a specific work problem but by putting a creativity award in place, your employees are encouraged to come up with ideas. These ideas will not only make the company shine but shine a light on the employees’ efforts as well.

Here are some ideas:

  • A most creative solution to new company restrictions
  • Most creative idea for advertising a new company product
  • Most creative idea to get new clients

3. Safety awards

A workplace that has a lot of hazards like a construction site is a great place to initiate an employee recognition program. Giving out awards for those who follow safety protocols is a great way to keep people on the job working safely. Let your employees know you appreciate that they are preventing injuries and workers’ compensation claims.

Some great safety awards might be:

  • The employee who offers safety instructions to new hires
  • The worker who knows all the safety protocols
  • Recognition for applying first aid to a team member in need

Recognizing the efforts of your employees with some of the above examples of employee recognition awards will encourage growth and hard work in the company since your employees feel valued. Isn’t it time you started rewarding your team?

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