Promotional Products for Home Entertaining

August 28, 2020
Promotional Products for Home Entertaining

Branding and promotional products aren’t limited to the workplace and office supplies. Some of the most valued and appreciated promotional products for corporate gifting are ones that recipients can use at home for entertaining or during their downtime.

Promotional Kitchen Products

Here are some of our most popular home entertaining products for your next promotional launch:

Home Entertaining

These products are perfect for clients who love hosting dinner and entertaining guests at home. Branded home entertaining products expose your brand and logo to your clients as well as their family and friends.

• Cheese, charcuterie, and cutting boards
• Knife and carving sets
• Bar sets and glassware

When choosing home entertaining products, a professional promotional product supplier will provide you with options for creating gift sets and bundles from both high end and budget-friendly brands.

Promotional Products for Entertaining on the Patio

The warm weather and feel-good atmosphere that summer brings is the perfect opportunity to gift your valued clients and wow potential ones with products that are both fun and practical.

Create gift bundles for a fun day on the patio with:

• Outdoor chairs
• Sunglasses
• Coolers
• Tumblers
• Beer openers
• Water bottles

Other popular and well-received promotional products that are great as a stand-alone gift or as a bundle are:

• BBQ spatula and tongs
• BBQ sauces and spices
• Cedar grill cleaner
• Digital thermometer

Promotional Products for a Relaxing Night at Home

One of the best ways to get your logo or brand in front of your customer is to meet them at home during their leisure time. For this reason, the following promotional products make great gifts that they can keep for years to come:

• Blankets
• Coffee mugs
• Candles
• Night lights
• Coasters

There are also food items available such as cookies, chocolate, nuts, and popcorn that make a well thought out and creative bundle with other gifts.

Key Takeaways

Corporate gifting is proven to be one of the most targeted and effective ways to promote your company. There is a wide array of promotional products available on the market today. Product experts can help you find the appropriate corporate gifts and piece together sets that will leave a lasting impression on your existing clients and potential customers as well as enhance the positive corporate culture within your own company.

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