What is the impact of logo design on brand recognition?

January 25, 2021
What is the impact of logo design on brand recognition?

A logo design is a visual representation of your business. It’s a simple graphic that defines your brand and makes it stand out to your customers in a competitive market. When done right, a logo serves to increase brand recognition and showcases the values of your business.

Corporate Logo Design

What is brand recognition?

By definition, a brand is how your customers view your business and are often supplemented by branding colours, storytelling, and a consistent voice. Strong brand recognition amongst consumers can be achieved with a quality logo design, intentional promotional efforts, and a set of values that become the foundation of all business operations.

To dive deeper into how a logo impacts brand recognition, let’s take a big brand name like McDonald’s with their iconic and simple ‘M’ logo. If McDonald’s ceased operations on all of their fast-food chains today and the company decided to start selling computer products instead, the brand would still exist.

Even without their infamous Big Mac, Happy Meals, and fries, consumers will still be familiar with McDonald’s. The ‘M’ logo will always be associated with the brand. McDonald’s strong brand recognition is an example of a powerful logo design combined with the experience and products they provide for their customers.

How corporate logo apparel increases brand recognition

Essentially, a logo represents your brand’s story and helps your customers remember your product or service. Increasing brand recognition is the principal reason why even the most prominent companies choose to incorporate custom promotional products and corporate logo apparel into their marketing strategy.

All companies across every industry can benefit from an impactful logo that reminds customers about their products and services. How you communicate your brand that creates a lasting experience with your customers extends to custom logo apparel. Custom apparel companies in Calgary help spread brand awareness by placing your logo on apparel to be gifted to your customers.

When done right, custom logo apparel is a product that your customers will keep for a long time. Promotional product designs that represent your brand’s values help increase interest with potential customers and encourage loyalty with existing clients who are proud to display your logo!

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