Creo Promotional Solutions: A Proud Supporter of Indigenous Products

June 19, 2023
Creo Promotional Solutions: A Proud Supporter of Indigenous Products

As a pioneer in providing promotional marketing solutions, Creo stands as a remarkable leader, demonstrating a unique blend of commitment to business excellence and heartfelt support for the indigenous community in Canada.

Our company's strategy is about showcasing our amazing promotional products to the world and taking a stand for social responsibility, celebrating the rich heritage of Indigenous Canada.

Certified in The University Of Alberta’s Faculty of Native Studies

Indigenous Canada is an expansive, Open Online Course (MOOC) presented by the Faculty of Native Studies, delving into the diverse histories and present-day viewpoints of Indigenous peoples residing in Canada.

Through an Indigenous lens, this course uncovers the intricate realities that Indigenous peoples encounter in today's world. It examines these experiences from a historical and analytical standpoint, underlining the national and regional relations between Indigenous peoples and settlers.

We at Creo Promotional Solutions are proud to have been able to participate and receive certification in this course. Fostering understanding, respect, and appreciation for Indigenous culture offers businesses and consumers the chance to participate in preserving this rich heritage.

Our Indigenous Strategy

Creo’s Indigenous Strategy is to work with, promote and support our Indigenous suppliers and products from our vendor base with our corporate clients.

When promotional gifting and Indigenous products align with our client's marketing initiatives, we provide various product information from our Indigenous vendors to inform our clients of the non-traditional promotional gifting option and support or reinforce Indigenous products/suppliers.

We also attend tradeshows and community events and watch for new possible Indigenous vendors for future client projects. When those indigenous businesses may want to avoid creating a wholesale relationship with us, we pass along their contact information directly to our clients to help support them by introducing or networking with new possible patrons of their goods.

Links To A Few Indigenous Products Or Suppliers
Indigenous-owned and Alberta-manufactured.

Business Growth with Cultural Promotion and Impact

Whether you are looking for a dress shirt or jacket for your staff, a thank you gift for clients, an award for excellence, a tradeshow handout or office essentials such as a pen and padfolio branded with your logo, we can help! Contact us today to learn more.

In an age where businesses are becoming increasingly aware of their social responsibilities, Creo Promotional Solutions stands out by showing that it’s possible to blend business growth with cultural promotion and social impact.

We aim to promote and inspire other companies to take similar steps toward social responsibility and cultural preservation.

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