Beyond the Booth: Gaining Brand Exposure with Trade Show Accessories from Creo Promotional

May 14, 2024
Beyond the Booth: Gaining Brand Exposure with Trade Show Accessories from Creo Promotional

Trade shows are more than just a booth – they're a chance to make a real connection with your audience. At Creo Promotional Solutions, we get that. That's why we offer a whole range of custom trade show accessories designed to take your brand beyond the booth and into the hands of potential customers. From comfy chairs that showcase your logo to branded bottled water that keeps attendees hydrated, our products make sure your brand stays top-of-mind long after the event ends.

Showcase Your Brand with Custom Furniture

We all know trade shows can be a marathon, not a sprint. That's where our custom stools and chairs come in. Imagine your logo subtly displayed on stylish seating that not only invites attendees to take a break but also encourages them to engage with your team. This enhances the welcoming atmosphere of your booth while transforming every seat into a branding opportunity.

Make a Statement with Branded Accessories

Throw pillows, napkins, and branded coasters aren't just accessories – they're a way to tell your brand story. Customized with your colours and logo, these soft touches add a hint of personality to your booth and make a lasting impression.

Offer Practical Takeaways with a Purpose

Want to make sure your brand goes home with attendees? Custom pens, coasters, and even phone grips make the perfect swag for your trade show booth. They're useful, so people will actually use them, and every time they do, they'll be reminded of your brand.

Build Brand Awareness with Bottled Water

Trade shows can be thirsty work! That's why branded bottled water is a win-win. It keeps attendees hydrated and keeps your brand in their hands and on their minds throughout the trade show. It's a simple yet effective way to get your brand seen all over the event and encourage attendees to find your booth.

Add a Natural Touch with Branded Floral Arrangements

Want to make your booth stand out? Custom-branded flower arrangements add a touch of nature and sophistication to your space. They're eye-catching and create a warm, welcoming atmosphere that people will remember.

Get Ready for Your Next Trade Show

At Creo Promotional Solutions, we're more than just your branded product supplier in Calgary – we're your partners in trade show success. Our innovative accessories help you make a splash at your next trade show, extend your brand beyond your trade show booth, and turn every interaction into a chance to grow your business. Let's create something amazing together!

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