7 Creative Corporate Gift Ideas Using Custom Branded Apparel

November 10, 2021
7 Creative Corporate Gift Ideas Using Custom Branded Apparel

The utility of custom apparel offers many opportunities to small and large businesses alike. Whether you’re looking to promote your organization or trying to offer a unique gift to your employees, the utilization of custom apparel is a great way to showcase creativity and express gratitude.

So in this post, we’re going to do some exploring. We’ll look into various custom branded apparel ideas you can use as gifts or promotions for your business.

1. T-shirt

More than likely, the t-shirt is top of mind when you think of custom branded apparel ideas. And for good reason. It’s simple, easy, everybody wears them, and most logos look great when plastered on an article of clothing.

It just makes sense.

Everybody in the office can find utility in a shirt. Even if it’s the wrong size, it can make for an ideal indoor garment to wear on a lazy Sunday or stormy afternoon/evening.

And with your company logo stitched into the fabric, employees will be reminded of your company’s generosity.

2. Hats and Scarves

Imagine the warm association people would link to your company when seeing your logo on the scarf or toque that’s keeping them snug on a cold winter’s day. That’s a favourable outcome, wouldn’t you agree?

Whether it’s an employee or a client, this gift idea can be very beneficial.

In a subtle way, it communicates that you care. It expresses your desire for their safety and wellbeing -- as long as it's presented at the right time that is!

Nothing says “random obligatory gift” like handing someone a hat and a scarf in the middle of July.

3. Drinkware

Coffee cups, water bottles, mugs, can coolers, stainless steel thermoses, the list goes on. Featuring your logo on drinkware is a popular way to promote, as well as express gratitude through gifting. Why? Because it works!

A simple gift with the right intent goes a lot further than you think. And this is the ideal way to start that process.

Drinkware stands head and shoulders above many other apparel ideas. The reason being, once again, is utility.

Think about it; people change shirts all the time -- wearing different kinds on different days. This is further exasperated with hats and scarves as these items -- for the most part -- are mostly seasonal. A water bottle or coffee mug, on the other hand, is oftentimes used daily.

So if you’re looking for a great way to sneak in the homes (and hearts) of clients and employees, opt for the drinkware option.

4. Bags

It could be a duffle bag for the gym, a backpack for a hike, or a reusable bag for groceries. Doesn’t matter. This is the ideal option to subliminally promote certain lifestyles.

And of course, this can be used to great effect when you understand your employees and clients.

5. Technology

Did you know that your logo isn’t limited to apparel? It’s true. In fact, you can put your insignia on pretty much anything with the surface space that will fit it -- including technology!

Phone accessories, USB hard drives, mini speakers, etc. What will they think of next?

This is a great option if you’re looking to do something a little more unique and different. If you want to go the extra mile and make a good impression, then this is the option for you!

6. Notebooks

If your employees and clients are more of the conscientious type, they will truly enjoy and appreciate the notebook alternative. This idea encourages self-reflection or for the notes we take daily, such as groceries, tasks, work reminders, and our neverending to-do list.

7. Accessories

Life is all about the simple things. And accessories constitute simple gifts that can mean a lot. Rubber wrist bands, rudimentary necklaces, even something as menial as a key chain can take on sentimental value once your logo has assumed its place on the item.

It’s not so much about the accessory. It’s more so about what the accessory represents. And it can represent a whole lot with your logo on it.

For this reason, try not to get too hung up on particular items to give. While it’s good to put some thought behind your gifting, the idea of giving is what matters most.

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