5 Gadgets that Brands can Use for Promotions

August 11, 2020
5 Gadgets that Brands can Use for Promotions

Statistically, 83% of consumers are more likely to do business with companies that offer gifts. When a brand gives promotional gadgets that are functional and trendy, 81% of consumers keep and use these gifts. Having your logo printed on brand promotion products that people use every day is a great way to keep your company top of mind when your potential customer is ready to buy. Tech gifts are received well and have a lasting impact as a marketing freebie.

Below, we feature 5 popular gadgets that brands can use for their next promotional campaign:

1. Power Banks and Wireless Chargers

Power banks, also known as portable phone chargers, are popular for people who are constantly on the go. These promotional gadgets can be charged at home and will charge your phone as you are running errands or in a meeting!. Wireless options allow you to leave the cords behind for a simple charging experience.

2. USB Flash Drive

USB Flash Drives are a popular tech item that comes in a range of sizes and styles. Having your logo on a gadget that a potential or existing client uses every day leaves you in a better position to be the one they call when they need your product or service.

3. Smart Home Accessories

Smart homes are here and getting smarter by the minute! The promotional market has many functional yet easy to use/install options that allow you to get your logo in the best possible space there is, your clients home! From Wifi smart outlet plugs and video doorbells to speakers with Alexa, and home security cameras that allow you to check on your home from anywhere! If you don’t have any of these in your home, give it a try. This tech category is something you never knew you needed until you have it!

4. Speakers

Bluetooth wireless speakers are available in many styles, sizes, and budgets. These promotional gadgets also add a fun detail that clients will remember you by. For example, if you’re a lighting design company, you can choose a speaker that lights up with the beat of the music and Light bulb with a built-in speaker. If you are a construction company or your work is outdoors, a waterproof speaker is on target. These small details make a big impact and represent your brand well.

5. Bluetooth Enabled gadgets

If you’ve ever you had a product that you wished had Bluetooth, well it’s likely available. The promotional market has access to Bluetooth enabled water bottles, speakers and earbuds to things that you likely never thought existed such as Bluetooth enabled umbrellas, lightbulbs and phone answering gloves. If you have an idea, ask your promotional products distributor about it, chances are it can be sourced, and if it’s not already readily available, we can look at a custom product just for you!

Why Choose Promotional Gifts?

Brand promotion products offer a lot of brand exposure at a relatively low cost per view. They continue to rank as an effective form of advertising that catches the attention of potential customers and retains your current ones.

At Creo Promotional Solutions, we take the time to learn about relevant products to stay on current trends. We offer all of the above-branded technology gadgets as well as tech office accessories, virtual reality gadgets, and much more.

Browse our technology catalogue, or give us a call and we can help you choose the right promotional gadget for your next marketing campaign.

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