5 benefits of hosting a virtual conference this Christmas

December 15, 2020
5 benefits of hosting a virtual conference this Christmas

Did you know that virtual events can boost company morale with your employees and clients? Many businesses have had to pivot and find new opportunities to thrive during a challenging year.

The good news is, a virtual conference is an excellent way to boost engagement and sales when used strategically for a company’s brand. Below, we list five benefits of hosting a virtual conference this Christmas.

1. Adds to a company’s reputation

Virtual conferences demonstrate your company’s resilience and adaptability to the changing times. Businesses are also seen as responsible for hosting a virtual conference when gatherings are limited, and travel is restricted. Being associated with a reputable company boosts the confidence and morale of employees and clients alike. 

2. Can improve your brand strategy

When executed well, your company can create engagement and gain brand awareness by building anticipation around the event. You can get creative with ideas, like running a pre-event contest complete with a personalized award for the winner. In an unprecedented time, employees and clients are drawn to new experiences like this.

3. Gives the opportunity for corporate gifting

A fun idea to include with a virtual conference is to gift employees or clients with a branded item before or after the event. Since all will be attending on a computer, laptop, or mobile device, some useful items can be a computer mouse and mousepad along with office items and snacks, all with your brand’s logo on them. Corporate gifting boosts brand loyalty and keeps your company top of mind for existing and potential clients. 

4. Eliminates geographic barriers

Hosting a virtual conference opens up the opportunity to connect with a worldwide audience - all in the convenience and comfort of your own home! Virtual conferences offer an excellent platform for companies to reach a larger audience and gain brand awareness.

5. Boosts engagement 

It’s hard to imagine that web conferencing can be more interactive than a face-to-face event. However, with no opportunity for anyone to wander off or keep to themselves in a corner, everyone will be fully involved. With the latest technology, the host can share their screen or create a fun and interactive presentation. After the event, gifting your attendees with a physical promotional gift is a great way to personalize the experience in a virtual time. 

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