3 Essential Benefits of Branded Uniforms

August 6, 2019
3 Essential Benefits of Branded Uniforms

Branding is the core of your business, identifying your company. What is a brand? A company’s signature recognition through its name, wording, symbol, and total design. You want your employee’s attire to reflect your company’s values and mission statement with a memorable brand. So, why are branded uniforms so important?

1. Brings Your Company to Mind

You recognize people by their face and voice and your company is recognized through their look and tone. When you think of sodas, Coke or Pepsi likely comes to mind because they have done a great job at branding. Popular logos stick in your mind. When you remember a brand, you are more likely to purchase what they sell over the competitors simply because the brand is embedded in your thoughts.

A company uniform with your logo makes your business stand out, saying “hey this is me.” People visiting your business will subconsciously remember you through your branded clothing because visuals create imprints on the brain.

Going for a lunch break, you and your employees’ business uniform is seen by everyone you come into contact with. Your branded item of clothing gives free advertising for your company. Passers-by will see your company uniform and search the name or ask you about it, bringing in potential customers. Your branded clothing impacts your future business in a big way.

2. Adds Trust

Do you want to be seen as a reputable company your customers can trust? If so, branded clothing can help you gain trust with consumers. How? When your company clothing matches your business’ logo colour, style, and symbol then your potential customers make a connection. Your business is reinforcing your name with your employees’ uniforms. This follow-through creates a sense of trust by knowing real people are working for the brand.

How else do branded uniforms add trust to your business? Again, when your uniforms match the business logo and website then people feel secure knowing they are connecting with the correct company. This eliminates your customers from the sense of the unknown or fears of a scam.

Recognizing a brand means knowing and trusting a company.

3. Equality

Create a sense of belonging among yourself and your fellow employees. When you feel as though there is no barrier between you and your coworkers everyone works harmoniously. Wearing branded uniforms eliminates the fashion dilemma and stigma of suit and tie or jeans and t-shirt. Everyone you employ will be judged based on their work ethic and not their high-end designer outfit. Your staff will subconsciously feel more comfortable communicating with each other and this will result in better business practices and flow.

Remember, you want your company to stand out against the other businesses. By placing your brand in front of your customer’s eyes on a daily basis, you are reinforcing your company name. Getting customers takes a lot of hard work so make your company image something that stays on their minds. Free advertisement for your business on the back or front of your employees gets the word out. Besides, a great new outfit will be welcomed by all your staff. Branded uniforms are the best way to make your business stand out. Creo Promotional Solutions wants your business to be at the centre of your eyes and mind.

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