3 Custom Gift Ideas To Welcome Your Employees Back To The Office

January 7, 2022
3 Custom Gift Ideas To Welcome Your Employees Back To The Office

While we continue to navigate through an unpredictable global pandemic in 2022, many businesses are planning ahead for a warm welcome back to the office for their employees. Planning ahead can also lift morale and help you look forward to brighter days amid challenging times.

For many companies, the past couple of years have been tough and employees have had to endure school closures, restrictions, time away from family, isolation, illnesses, loss, and more. A customized welcome back kit is a simple and thoughtful way to say ‘thank you’.

Here are 3 gift kit ideas that are sure to be a hit and leave your employees feeling valued and appreciated.

Custom snack kit

Who doesn’t love receiving food as a gift? A custom snack gift basket waiting on your employee’s desk is always a welcome surprise. Our custom snack kit comes with a 12-can cooler bag that can be used to pack a lunch for work, on a picnic, to the beach, on a hike, you name it. Not only is it a delicious gift, but a practical one as well.

Custom snack kits include:

  • Blue Diamond Almonds
  • Cape Cod Chips
  • Skinny Pop Popcorn
  • Pretzel Chips

‘Warm welcome’ kit

There’s something about receiving a blanket as a gift that instantly puts a smile on people’s faces. A warm, cozy blanket reminds us of cold winter nights snuggled up with a movie and popcorn. Or perhaps bundled up sitting by the fire during a camping trip on a cool summer night. Blankets are a sensible gift that people like to keep forever.

Consider a ‘warm welcome’ kit for the colder days ahead that include:

  • A premium fleece blanket (available in 6 colours)
  • Your choice of a vacuum-instulated tumbler
  • A hot chocolate bomb

Custom apparel

Last but certainly not least, custom apparel always makes for a great gift - whether it’s casual wear or corporate branded clothing. What’s great about custom apparel is you can pick and choose from different brands based on your budget or something that matches your values as a company.

For example, gifting your employees with a brand like Roots73 is an ode to successful Canadian brands. Or choose a sustainable company like tentree® that your employees can feel proud to wear.

Where to find custom welcome back gifts

At Creo Promotional, we can build any custom Welcome Back kits - you’re not limited to the above list! As a local company, we work with other local vendors to support our economy and can find specific items that you’re looking for at a great price.

We can customize your gifts with a company logo or an employee name (on some products) an even more personalized touch. Whatever your budget, we can help you build a welcome back kit that your team will love. Give us a call - we look forward to working with you!

Best in Calgary
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