10 Distinctive corporate apparel gifts for employees working from home

March 24, 2021
10 Distinctive corporate apparel gifts for employees working from home

With a vast number of employees working from home, you may think clothing considerations have taken a back seat. Everyone is Zoom or conference calling with their team and only wearing half their usual workwear.

Regardless of your industry, you still need to maintain your business’s image. As we slowly pull away from the isolation and lockdowns from the Covid-19 pandemic, the importance of logo in corporate branding is more important now than ever. Here are 10 distinctive corporate apparel gifts for employees working at home.

1. Staff Jackets

It’s still cold outside and what better way to stay warm than with a jacket. Not just any jacket, but one with your company’s logo embroidered on it. Your employees will appreciate this gift long into spring and summer because you never know what is in the weather forecast.

2. Polos

Golf season is just around the corner. A great polo can be the perfect accessory to your staff’s wardrobe. While sitting in front of the team during the video chat, everyone is reminded to be a team player when they see each other with matching polos.

3. Dress Shirts

Your business doesn’t stop because everyone is working from home. There is a certain image you need to maintain. Providing your business crew with company dress shirts keeps everyone looking their best at any time of day.

4. Vests

There are many benefits of corporate apparel branding and having a multi-purpose vest for your employees is a great way to project your image further than their home. Warm vests can be worn around the house, out for shopping or even on the slopes.

5. T-Shirts

Business casual is the norm in many industries. Give your staff members a few T-shirts with your company colours and logo so they can cycle through them during the workweek. Worn during off-hours, these shirts provide you with free advertising everywhere your employees go.

6. Activewear Pants

Everyone wants to stay fit. Why not give the corporate apparel gift of activewear pants to your team at home? Pants adorned with your company name and logo are a perfect alternative to wearing pyjama bottoms with a suit and tie.

7. Activewear Jackets

Complete your staff members’ activewear outfits with a matching jacket. Lightweight jackets can be worn during all seasons and help provide consistent messaging for your brand.

8. Fleece

Keep your employees feeling warm with corporate fleece products. From full zips to half zips, your employees will love the comfort and ease of care that comes with your company logo.

9. Footwear

There are many benefits of corporate apparel branding including getting your company’s message across during off-hours. When you gift footwear items to your employees, your logo can be seen on their sandals or flip-flops while they are on vacation or doing yard work.

10. Sweaters

Who doesn’t love a great sweater? Give your business image a boost by giving a quality sweater to your employees working from home. A sweater is a go-to piece of clothing for everyone, and when your business name is embroidered on it your brand gets promoted.

The next time you think about the importance of logo in corporate branding, think about apparel. Your business never looked so good!

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